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Yasiso From Athens

16 Aug 2004

Ok so the word on the street was the famous Tiesto djed at the Opening... should i carry on .. i think i willl

Athens 31c+ everyday, dance music everywhere , people x 4 million all waving there flags and having a right old good time, Total madness on the motorways with all the buses and cars.

Bars and Cafes that spill out on to the street, beaches that stretch for miles.

Its the silver fern that is keeping us going, The Basketball boys really took it to the italians today, watching the HaKa in a different country has a whole new meaning. and the rowing girls and boys are also cleanning up.

And for the Dutch.. pity we cant come and vist your camp ( heard they are the throwing a party tonight, DJ Tiesto again gracing the decks)

So lets Go Kiwi and cmonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Black