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Working as a Doctor in the UK

Doctor Jobs UK Doctor Locum Agencies Uk Doctor Agency. Doctor jobs in UK can be reached through placement agencies and their web sites.

15 Feb 2006

Doctors can choose to work through recruitment agencies or apply directly to employers. Agencies will generally pay a higher hourly rate as well as offering a wider variety of work experiences. A number of UK employers have a proactive approach to recruiting doctors from abroad; this is due to the general shortage in the UK. Doctor locum positions may vary between short and long-term contract work, occasionally permanent roles are offered. Recruitment agencies provide online help to doctors wanting to work in the UK. Doctors should use search engines on the internet to locate the most suitable Company to work with.

Most sites will provide facilities such as a CV creator service, CV forwarding and career related tips. They will also maintain job databases covering the UK. You may also be able to access information on medical news, courses, training, conferences and exhibitions related to doctor's positions in the UK. Pay rates may vary from agency to agency and can be dictated by your level of experience, grade and speciality.

If you are considering working as a doctor in the UK you must provide:
Your medical degree from a recognized country and institution
Evidence of completion of 12 months internship in home country (for full registration)
Full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC)
Valid EU passport, Ancestry Visa or Right of Abode Certificate
Hepatitis B Immunisation
Police Clearance (dated within six months of application)
Ionising Radiation Certificate
Resuscitation Qualification
Resume and References
Most institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa are generally recognized in the UK. Please check with the GMC to verify the suitability of your training qualifications.

General Medical Council

It is very important to understand the registration process with the General Medical Council (GMC) if you want to work as a doctor in the UK. The registration process can take up to six months. It is important to apply early. Applications can be downloaded from the GMC website. Provisional registration can be applied for if you are still in your 12-month internship.

Summary : Doctors positions in the UK can be reached through many UK jobsites. If you would like to work as doctor in the UK you must be registered with the General Medical Council.