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What happened to Fridged ?

Sydneys longest electronica weekly, loses its venue

13 Jan 2005

So what is happening with Frigid? The official word is that the Petersham RSL who owns the @Newtown has decided that it would be better to have irish bands on Sundays. Surely in the boehmian centre of Newtown such Irish traditions are strong and the support for these bands will be more than for Frigid? Well, probably not.

The decision was sudden and a bit unexpected as we had worked with the Enmore Theatre (who are the RSL bookers) on a new marketing strategy due to come into affect this month. Both the Enmore and us were surprised and disappointed with the decision which has come down from above at Petersham RSL.

Some punters have set up a discussion of this rather silly decision at InTheMix - feel free to vent your frustration there - http://www.inthemix.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=115688

Don't forget, if you have come to Frigid and live locally then you are probably a member of the Petersham RSL and you have a right to voice your opinion on this decision to them.

We are currently working with the Enmore and looking for a new venue and the last Frigid at the @Newtown is Jan 30.

We are planning a big party.

Spread the word, tell your friends.

Weekly Frigid lineups : http://www.snarl.org/frigid