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What ?? about Psurkit

define a definition '

8 Oct 2003

Obscure .. 'as always' is going through the process of
making what we do better ..

..as Psurkit is part of Obscure .. we just wanted to run
some general ideas and questions around, in order to
gain some feedback and further improve what's going !


Psurkit is 'community' for informed dance people.

We want Psurkit to be a useful tool for members.

We are not particularly worried about the traffic
rates, preferring to focus on 'value' to members in
an on-going way ..


Obscure is built around long term goals and the idea
that dance is a culture we create and are a part of.

Psurkit originally was a dance party in Wellington.

It has evolved into a list' but hasn't really changed
in essence from the party, in that it is a space for
people to interact, engage, develop a sense of
community .. and have fun!

Psurkit as a title can actually be many things!
there are plans to evolve into other projects.

However Psurkit as 'the list' belongs to it's members
.. so we seeking to identify a direction from the list.

Do we direct Psurkit toward becoming the premier list for
information about the NZ dance scene?

For example there are many artists, labels, websites, etc
who release occasional information. Should they be post
directly to Psurkit ?

Further to this we could encourage insiders, promoters, dj's,
venue owners to subscribe and use Psurkit as a outlet or
feedback loop for ideas.

Or should Psurkit be left' organically to it's own ways ?

Obscure see's potential in Psurkit and as it facilitators
it will continue to seek direction from the list.

If you have read this far, then we are on the right track.



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