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Weekend Wicked in Wellington

A Sample Gee and Dj Sakin (Germany) special was on the cards and well the Capital really did turn it on... visuals, tunes, people, music, hooray for Trance!

2 Jul 2003

The Weekend started off with a interesting Plane Ride from the big AKL down to the Capital.

A nice tour of Local bars and Clubs for the Friday night, Monkey Bizness, Curve and a few others. Upon resting my head back at the Hotel I new it was long after a well earned sleep that Two very special Dj's would be arriving to take us to Cloud 9.

Entering the Queens Wharf Event center was very mystical.. down a long white tunnel with lasers going and smoke machines left and right. coming to the end our eyes were greeted with the Dj Booth in the Middle and a huge Circular Dance area.

Huge raised platforms, visual screens and more and more lasers and huge mirror balls reflecting onto these Huge Hanging Spheres Emma and myself couldnt belive our eyes when we spotted these.

When we arrived Jak Wild had taken to the decks. He played a lovely set of the most wicked uplifting Trance. He slipped in a few classic tracks as well Rank 1- airwave 2003 had to be the best effort!

Sample Gee had entered the arena and the crowd let out a Huge roar. The Lagered main man let rip right from the start. He tried to hide but we spotted it! the most uplifting track of all time Urban Train.. once this cranked up the crowd went nuts.

During this epic 3 hour set set the crowd was treated to a rather "far out" visual display.. from the roof dropped two trapeze artists. twisting and turning whilst clinging to the curtains they sailed down on. this went on for a few minutes before both dropped to the ground and vanished. I also popped into the house room for a while that was hidden off to the side with Dj Dannyboy laying down some Phat Choons!

Sample Slowly got harder and Faster and to much Joy Dj Sakin had made his way to the Dj Booth.

The Man behind such great tracks as Braveheart and Protect your mind was finally on New Zealand soil. It got to boiling point by about 4am, the music was amazing the crowd wanted more and Sample Gee even had a go at rapping over Sakins Latest Release (thunderbird).

Being Treated to 3 massive sets could Wellington handel anymore Sample asked?

We sure did and out came Dj Ryder. the young local boy playing us a very interesting mash up of new trance and some great hits.

Dj Bennor from Auckland also managed to slip on the decks to. The Last 1/2 hour turned into a b2b2b session of Ryder, Gee and Bennor.. the closing Track being Marco V C/:del.mp3!!!!!!

What more can i say Hi Lite Productions, Sample Gee, Sakin, Wellington Clubbers you guys really turned it on , a great party in the Windy City. It just goes to Show not all the best parties are to be had in Auckland these days !

Cant wait for the next trip