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We Love the weekends!!!

Matterhorn updates for the end of July, including their Four Birthday...

13 Jul 2001

We Love the weekends!!!

Matterhorn DJs Radio Shows on Radio Active 89fM

Blo - Future Funk Friday 9-11pm Stereo Nasties Friday 11-1am
Clinton Smiley and Zen - The Floor Thursdays 7-9pm
MU and Vee - The Friday night Flava Friday 7-9pm
Zen and Andy/Ah Um - The Jewel School Saturday 7-9pm

This week down a long corridor at 106 Cuba Mall:

Friday 13th - Mu and Vee
I saw your momma at the horn on Friday nightŠ Give it up for a kaleidoscopic blend of hip hop, future funk, soul and other fat back beats baked to perfection by Roots Foundation founding member, Fat Freddys front-man and Fonky Monk Mu with his sidekick, monkey about town scratchmeister Vee.

Saturday 14th - Koa and Ah Um
Check out West London styles sound, afro Cuban rhythms, salsa, jazz breaks, house beats and more butt wiggling styles than you can wiggle a butt at!
This Week: Zambesi Jewel School resident Ah Um and Roots Foundation's Koa merge for the trainspotters challenge, a race to dish up the freshest west coast vibes, euro funk and Gilles styles... listen out to Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show for a guest mix from the Jewel School over the next month!

Sunday 15th July - The Matterhorn presents Gilles Peterson Worldwide
I gotta say WE LOVE GILLESŠ he does pretty well for an in demand international DJ, who attends all the best festivals in the world as well as playing a weekly club night in London, and to top that all off, his Worldwide show plays weekly on BBC¹s Radio One and he records a special version for us. He has long been respected by hip hop and drum n bass artists, while the new breed of garage and house acts cite him as a major influence. Tune in 6-8pm on Radio Active 89FM presented by The Matterhorn.

Wednesday 18th from 8pm -The Matterhorn's 4th birthday celebrations. Hurt the body, Free the mind.

Join us for a loud and proud celebration of the Wellington sound with a super group collaborated by super producer DJ MU. Guaranteed black as!

Also listen and watch out for DJ Bumrushing with possible take overs from Clinton Smiley, Zen, Blo, Maria and Andy, plus definate bum rushing from seasoned experts DJ MU and DJ Vee . Regulars should pop into the Horn before Wednesday to pick up their invite.

We will be closed during the day on the 18th and the 19th

The Matterhorn crew would like to say thanks for all your support and we'll see you on Wednesday.