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Vote Koru !!

A touch of tack for a good cause ?

16 Jun 2003

So .. I struggle with the bubble gum antic of the 'Space' kids (jo&phil). .

I certainly support the shows support of NZ music .. even as (phil more than jo) ask dumb questions and show corny' respect for folks who humor their fifth form antics.

Anyway we didn't come here to slag off ' we came here to support .

So goto Space - ignore the twaddle - enter the Luanchpad

.. and Vote Koru !!

Koru will then win great dollars to continue the good work of spreading kiwi electronic vibes ..

?? Hang on is winning $$ from a program sponserd by Coke crossing the line or . or . or .. 'ack I give up . it about the cash ?!? you have until Friday 20th - vote now !