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Valid Criticism?

Chpm cuts a swathe through the waste of space that is the TV idol Palaver.

29 Dec 2003

Darirous who? That song? You must be kidding?

Perhaps the Achilles heel of the whole IDOL carry-on is the insistence on unkowns doing....covers...contractually.

Witness the idea that an 'only original ' contest might dispence with appalling teen-age croon fest that has been the only distinguishing feature of the whole IDOL NETWORK HOUR FILLER.

It's like the music industry wetting itself with the aid of 'tv no idea land.'

Since apparently, NZ's 'own', actually invented Pop Stars, then maybe these said ilk-and new others could improvise a 'new' angle.

Audition only original acts....no covers, any age & genre considered.

Shit, it would take years.

Maybe not.

The imposition of an 'original' clause has to limit the number of losers who would apply... ....Er...Well...Maybe not !

But remember ; - 0 When everyone said it could 'not be done' ...one 'technoslob' Kiwi.................. ..begged to............. differ..