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ChCh - 'Rock' vs 'Rocks'

Word on the street says it was a tearing set by Total Science '

10 Jul 2003

It certainly did rock the 700 strong crowd who looked to be enjoying themselves immensely.

Plenty of grins round the place and lotsa shakin booty to be seen..proving once again that the Oxford boys known as Q Project and Spinback (Jason and Paul to their mums) definitely know what they're on about.

Flawless mixing and 'nuff new dubs kept the diehards happy so what's wrong

with me?

Total Science? Total Boredom .. more like.

This isn't intended to be scathing and I definitely don't know all there is to know about drum and bass, but I have to ask myself: (hold on now)

?? Are international DJs blanding out ..

are considered hugely significant artists worldwide in their own right and a high level of anticipation was in the air days before the gig.

Perhaps we built it up a bit much? Or perhaps after producing such a classic anthem as Champion Sound creative stagnancy is inevitable.

I found the more varied selection from the local support acts far more entertaining, even sometimes producing that tingle-up-my-spine-I-NEED-TO-DANCE-NOW! kick that I was expecting from the stars, who (for me) sadly did not deliver.

Next door (Zinc is MY element!) hosted Ali and Grind, along with seriously
plush couches and games of pool.

is kicking serious arse as a venue, with nothing but a good time to be had. It appears to have moulded itself back into the fabric of the Christchurch nightscene effortlessly with many saliva inducing gigs booked for months to come.