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The Third Space

Seeking Audio Submissions for Duendin Winter Solstice ... The Sound Between

5 Jun 2004

The Third Space is an Installation by Simon Kong.

input // 5 disc cd player

output // 2 x amp / 4 x speaker

The Third Space installation speakers are placed in the sound beyond the dancefloor, but not with in the alternative. Submissions are sound.

Sound defined as recordings or sequences of audio, for the purpose of creating an aural space 'with-in' the existing spill of sound from the central dancefloor.

Submissions to be selected sound via the random repeat functions on the 5 disc cd player.

All Submission will be credited via text projection onto a object in the third space.


More information and Submissions accepted on site, , 26th June, 2004, Bucklands Crossing, Dunedin.


021 606 012