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The Long White Cloud Radio Show

Josh Preston and Rire Norman have busy stimulating their minds and racking their brains, and pooling resources to bring a unique and dynamic new sound to Sydney's BondiFM.

30 Dec 2002

A White Cloud Formation

Josh Preston and Rire Norman have busy stimulating their minds and racking their brains, and pooling resources to bring a unique and dynamic new sound to BondiFM.

The sound comes from the roots of their souls, which primarily stems from the urban sounds of Aotearoa.

This ambition is realized with a new radio show.

'The Long White Cloud',
NZ/Aotearoa Audio Culture

Long White Cloud profiles all styles of NZ music, with the intention of bringing awareness to an Australian audience. We will be covering the unique and beautiful flavor of NZ music and its culture. A major part of this show will be to plug and support NZ musicians within their journeys to Australia, play their music and provide an outlet for the great and diverse culture that lies beneath the long white cloud.

'A reflection on Aotearoa audio culture in an era of creative evolution and empowerment which has seen NZ electronic musicians emerge with a unique urban sound, one that delivers a message inspired by the unique landscape of NZ and its people. Through music we can communicate across the boundaries of geography language and culture'. - Loop Select 003 2002


6-8PM Tuesday evenings http://www.bondifm.com.au.

The show will be formatted to cover all styles of electronica; Hip-hop, house, dub, drum n' bass and down-beat. We will be a covering a feature artist of the week who be interviewed live in the studio, or live to air over the phone, depending on who's touring at that time. We will profile the history, achievements and of course their music. There will be elements to the show that can be prerecorded over the phone or the internet. We hope to get our hands on live performances and interviews.

Call For Submissions

We are now calling upon artists, record labels, potential sponsors, radio stations and other organizations involved in music promoting to share with us all the creative beauty that lies within the NZ music scene. Please get in touch with us if you want more information, a copy of the show or if you wish to submit material please contact us at the details below. Tune in from 6-8 Sydney Time on http://www.bondifm.com.au and check out the beach or the studio via the webcam!

Josh Preston bio
Josh has had his fingers in different levels of the music scene both here in Sydney and in New Zealand. Involved in the setup of large scale events with crews such as Wired Productions, and doing graveyard shifts on BFM while studying communications at AIT.

Josh moved to Sydney to get experience in event production, and shortly thereafter began promoting international artists in the city's growing drum n bass scene, artists such as Ed Rush and Optical, Bad Company and DJ's Kemistry and Storm and AndyC. In 2001 he was given the opportunity to promote the King Kapisi Pacific Wave gig and a move towards focusing on NZ music began to occur.

Touring DJ's like Timmy Schumacher Manuel Bundy and Slowdeck and artists such as SJD, Sola Rosa, Paradigm and Concord Dawn cemented this approach.

It was a natural evolution to work in with Rire and be a part of developing a show that takes the excellent music coming from back home to a largely unaware audience.

Rire Norman bio
Rire has been a mover and a shaker in Bondi Music culture for 3 years she's had her own show for 2 years previous to the birth of this one traversing a dynamic and different sound of electronica, dub and tech beats, always with a strong focus on NZ music.

She has also had her finger in the live scene, running a showcase night for local bands at the corner pub called The PBJ this has seen many amazing talent grace it's stage and has provided a weekly excursion for the gig hungry DJs and live groups.

Rire's your good time kiwi girl from Waiheke Island. Oozing with passion, zest and unlimited energy she believes strongly in the exceptional talent that graces NZ and now is happy to find a niche to push it.

E-mail thelongwhitecloud@bondifm.com.au
Phone Rire Norman 0415 772 805
Josh Preston 0404189787
Post The Long White Cloud
Bondi FM
Hotel Bondi, Level 3
Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach

PLAYLIST Tuesday 6/11/02
Cincinatti Kid Salmonella Dub Curious recordings
Keep on Pushing Black Seeds Loop
Little Things Trinity Roots Loop
Almost Home(Jet Jaguar Remix) Black Seeds Loop
Bounce Fat Freddy's Drop Self Released
Me in your Shadow Sola Rosa FMR
Hey Son (Flash Harry Remix) Black Seeds Loop
The Abyss Che Fu Sony
Remember?? P-Money Kog
Love you Baby Toasta Demo
Verbally Decapitating DJ Logical Round Trip Mars
Demo track Imon Starr Demo
Outer Space betchadupa Flying Nun
Buddy snapper Flying Nun
Imaginary Pacifier Warners
Mysterex D4 FMR
The Drill Concord Dawn Kog
The Birth Paradigm Kog
Move with Me Shapeshifter Kog
Clav Dub Rhombus Capital
What to honour if not the planet we live on? Epsilon Blue Kog

Capsule Imon Star
NZ Style Nomad
Love Yr Ways Salmonella Dub
Predestination International Observer RTM
NYC Bootleg Substax Nana Recs
Hop Scotch Audiosauce ` Capitol
Hi Five Sola Rosa RTM
Seconds Fitchie and Dukie Capital
Unadrumma (Downtown Brown Mix) Pitch black Kog
Regaining the Steps to Recovery Micronism Universal
The Lowdown SJD RTM
Urbanoia Pitchblack Kog
The Birth ` Paradigm Tardus Recordings
Morning Light Concord Dawn Timeless
Transporter Trouble Substax Nana recs
Trust CheFu EMI
Push on Thru Salmonella Dub EMI
Move Back Subware Kog
What to honour if not the planet we live on Epsilon Blue Kog

Cock the Roach Salmonella Dub Curious Recordings
Keep on Pushing Blackseeds Loop
Untitled Claudia Gunn demo
We Know International Observer Kog
Mal Mono Sola Rosa FMR
Stay Claudia Gunn w Substax Demo
Electric Honey Pt2 50 Hz Loop
Ready Now Sola Rosa FMR (unreleased)
King of Hush Sola Rosa FMR
Me in Your Shadow Sola Rosa FMR
No Rain Sola Rosa FMR (unreleased)
We Be Movin Epsilon Blue Kog
Move Back Sub Ware Kog
Gangsta 101 Audiosauce Capital
Submarine Voyage Cuba and Gizmo Heavily Affiliated
Hi-Five Sola Rosa Round Trip Mars