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The High Flying Dutchman is coming

Armin van Buuren is without doubt one of the biggest names in the trance/progressive genres, New Zealand are you ready for 5 hours of trance madness? Pencil in Jan 31st 2004 because AvB is gearing up to rip the Roof off the St James!

1 Jan 2004

A State of Trance is what the show will be called and it's all part of brand new 3am concept dubbed "Dj Series" bringing the worlds greatest deejays to New Zealand.

I recently caught up with Armin to see what he is up to and what we could looking forward to....

I asked Armin What was it that started the craze you know to the buy records, to get these crowds moving? Replying with "simply a passion for music in general, like when you buy a new CD you listen to it at home, you get very excited about certain songs, If you like them so much, you might want to share it with your friends. You'll play it to them loud saying " ARGH! This is music!" That's was the feeling that drove me into it.

I quizzed him on who were some of his past musical influences & who are his influences are these days? He hit me with Ben Liebrand, Quazar, Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis for past influences & BT, Chicane, Delerium, Hybrid for current, a really interesting mixture there.

For the first timers I popped the question of "how would you describe your musical style to someone who has never seen you play before" ? His words were "Progressive & Trance, very euphoric... warm music with a touch of Techno". NiCE!

Catching up on the latest 2003 Dj polls I asked for his reaction to being Voted #3 Deejay in the world & what it does for the trance genre? He said it was a great feeling, great for trance music but didn't want to be just labelled as a trance Dj.

I mentioned to him to him that people rate his State of Trance show on ID & T radio in Holland right up there with Pete Tongs Radio 1 show (The Essential Mix), Quite stunned his words of "Really? Wow that's a great compliment, I guess I've managed to set up a formula that appeals to a lot of people. Basically what I do is present my audience with every new tune that I get. He also slipped in "in the days of pre-programmed radio it's pretty unique to be able to have a show that only play's new music. "

Now about the Album "76" his latest piece of brilliance I asked him his thoughts on the subject mainly what was the experience like?

"Different. I've been so busy Djing & travelling the world that it was really difficult at some times to make time to work on the album. It really opened my mind & I gained a lot of new fans, which is great! For an artist I guess there's nothing more personal than an artist album. You have the freedom to make any track you like. You don't have to make a track for vinyl, which usually starts with beats, etc."

With all this travel talk I wondered where he had been & maybe what was his favourite venue. He said he had just returned from a massive tour of Asia & the USA . He didn't really have a particular favourite venue "at this level it's fun to DJ in so many different places" where his comments there.

After finding out Armin was studying towards a Law degree I pondered what the future might hold, may he give up the decks for books? Or was he going to a Djing / Top class Lawyer?

For the moment he wants to continue with being a Dj/Producer for as Long as he is happy with it, He has just set-up his own recording company (ARMADA) which already has 6 offspring labels.

He left me with the words of "who knows what the future may bring, maybe I'll be running the legal department after my life as a Dj... "

....Armin van Buuren......:-)

I'm hoping that's not for a good long while Armin!!

So there we go if you want to catch Armin Van Burren 5 hours in the mix you better head along to the St James on the 31st of Jan 04.

Thanks to Eller @ Armada for setting this and a big thanks to Armin for taking time out to tell us the story.

Carl Reynolds