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The fine print '

30 Apr 2004


FROM: Eric Floyd

DATE: April 27, 2004

RE: We come to relieve... not decieve!

Dear Good Natives of Australia:

By far, my favorite country in the world to work or play in... As producer of the currently touring Sweatfest World Tour 2004 featuring C&C MUSIC FACTORY & SNAP!, it has been brought to my immediate attention by a myriad of strategically released, inflammatory letters & personal statements from longtime copyright/publishing pirate, but producer extraordinaire nevertheless, my respected colleague & ("WTIL") video co-star, Bill Drummond (CO-founder of The KLF), that he does NOT support this tour and (further) charges that The KLF portion of it is a fraud because neither he nor fellow (KLF) CO-producer, Jim Cauty are a part of it. I respectfully issue this statement with urgency to both further insure and assure you (my peers, the press & public alike) that (indeed) neither of the aforementioned production wizards will be present when this sizzling hot show touches down on your shores. And for the record, neither will the legendary producers of SNAP! (Michael Munzing and Luca Anzilotti) or C&C MUSIC FACTORY (Robert Clivilles & the late, great David Cole... may God rest his soulful soul) be there with us either. And why should they be? This is NOT a Pop/Techno Producers symposium, my friends... this is 'SWEATFEST', and don't you dare underestimate the name!

So production purists be warned!!! If you're looking to do a meet & greet with music producers, Mr. Drummond, Mr. Cauty, etc.; then truly, this is NOT the maelstrom that you'd want to visit or partake in. But I implore all serious party people the world over (and The Land Down Under notwithstanding), who want to wear their 'backs out' in The Outback and who are interested in experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime, electrifying concert show/performance, that we're 'Gonna Make You Sweat' if you've got 'The Power' within you to dance until '3AM Eternal'!

Internationally renowned master showman, The Goddess, Wanda Dee, longtime (KLF) Co-writer/Co-publisher, (KLF) music video centerpiece & 'The Voice Of The KLF'; has remained unchallenged for the past 13 years as "the only global touring KLF performance entity in the world", as it should be no surprise or secret to anyone that neither Bill or Jimmy can either sing, rap or dance and have NEVER toured in support of KLF (for the same reasons), and therefore forever remain inept to bring the full embodiment of the (KLF) music, majesty or message to the masses. Undeniably, Ms. Dee, with the support of millions of KLF fans around the world (inclusive of her sod out, SRO, 8-city KLF tour in Australia in '93, single-handedly breaking all attendance records @ Wonderland on Halloween that same year with some 16,500 patrons), has successfully carried The KLF torch and excited & ignited throngs of live audiences worldwide, performing ALL of her groups multi-platinum hits and globe-trotting her efforts have resulted in the biggest selling KLF album in it's recording history... and I'll eat my hair on one of your national television networks if anyone can prove otherwise!

In closing and on behalf of, the ever-exotic, erotic & hypnotic Wanda Dee, along with 'The Lyrical Jesse James' himself, Turbo B. (of SNAP!) and 'The Queen Of Underground House' herself, Miss Barbara Tucker (of C&C MUSIC FACTORY), I invite all of our fellow Sweat Connoisseurs... Party Pilgrims... Techno Technicians... Dance Demons... Queens & Kings of Club... and Renegades of Rock... to join us for what will most definitely be "the" most talked about, fun-flesh-&-fantasy filled, booty shaking, ground breaking, rump roasting, hot-body-toasting, LIVE CONCERT EVENT of the year... if you dare!?


And see what all the fuss is about... for yourself!