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Super Duo ....

It appears a certain "double act" is about to give 'some' a run for their money ...

5 Jan 2004

Mark Emerson and Damien Stone have been round the Auckland Dj'ing scene for sometime now, but they are beginning to once again push there musical boundaries and play together again.

Two Bald Men is what the "show" has been dubbed playing a mixture of House, Tech and a little pr0g.

Damien shows his skills in the duo with a Live PA performance, from time to time Mark Drags along his Laptop and does a little Junkie XL show... pity he left the cheese cutter hat home, hrm? When they are feeling really tricky the cdj's and effects mixers are applied to stretch the imagination one step further.

These two guys are the fresh standard for b2b or tag team dj'ing of which young budding NZ dj's are striving to be like.

From Being the last act on the main stage at Welcome 03, totally ramming the place for the last hour & 1/2; to banging it out at Up FM's 1st birthday; to taking on the best and putting on there own night called Evolution late last year at the Grand Circle, and playing many warm up and closing slots for the Global Underground banner. There are not many things on the 'list' to complete but you might say ".. they haven't released anything yet?

Not you worry! The word is 'tracks to be released by these two in the near future. For now they seem to just turn up to any of their gigs and totally rock the place. What more could you ask for

It all started with W.S.N.C. From there these two have gone from strongth to strength, just getting better!

Mark with his DnB roots and massive Dirty Pr0g collection and Damien with his "yea she'll be right on the night mate" approach is wooing crowds all across Auckland, and if your lucky you may catch them on one of there fleeting visits to Welly, ChCh or Queenstown.

Both have been around long enough to have the knowledge to really get the people moving, "you know ...really pack it in for miles!" Some people simple call it dj'ing correctly. I call it a journey: a journey into the depths of sound; breaking all expectations; while truly enjoying the process.

So? Are these to going to challenge the crown held by Mr. Urlich and Mr. Keys? I think so!

Keep an ear out for them; Mark Emerson and Damien Stone are my pick to be the next superstar Duo of the New Zealand dance scene

InTheForest 04