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Summer job ..

Want to be involved in the Vision Festival?

11 Jun 2003

If anyone out there wants to be involved in the vision festival this new
year, there are currently lots of vacant spots for DJs/musicians/artists,
zone co-ordinators and general volunteers.

It's fun, good experience, and 100% not-for-profit (any profit after
expenses goes to community projects that encourage 'sustainability.')

The funk'n'breaks zone, ambient cafe, and trance area co-ordinator
positions are all still up for grabs ! .. so if anyone feels like infliciting
their musical tastes on 3000+ people for three days....

There is a small amount of money available for these co-ordinator
positions (which could be done from anywhere, theoretically), and
of course artists/DJs get paid too.

Contact Mike Mckenna - Event Manager for the Visionz Trust

on .03 525 8813 (evenings)

or email: visionz@visionz.org.nz,