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Solstice is just

around the corner, and it's all coming together nicely.

13 Jun 2003


The pre party bureaucratic red tapery is nearly sorted!

(onsite inspections, neighbour consultations, permits,
and meetings meetings etc).

The Truby King reserve at Seacliff is looking most fine
this year, and as they've had no sheep in there this year,

From the sounds of things heaps of our mates will be
converging this year to make it a goodie.

According to the Carter Observatory, Solstice will occur
at 7.32am on the morning of the 22nd, so that dawn will
be extra special (of course).

We'll be setting up the marquee on the Friday afternoon
(ie the day before) so come out if you can.

Other stuff that needs people is:

door/gate (Tim 4730530)
decorations (Laura 4780311)
firewood (Stefan 4781004)

Spread the word that we won't be hiring buses this year,
but Kenny (4731699) is sussing out the best deal on minibuses
for people to book their own.

If anyone has (or knows who else has) mattresses to spare
for the marquee, could they tell Tim (4730530) to arrange
pickup if necessary, or otherwise bring them out.

The next meeting is above arc @ 5.00pm on Tuesday.
If you can't come, but want to say your bit, I'll take
a copy of whatever you send along.

Hi to absent friends who'll be Solsticing elsewhere.
Let us know how yours goes!