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Show n'tell

.. . who knows what ya got '

6 Aug 2003

Don't forget 'all .. that you are welcome to submit to Obscure. If you are having a party let us know. If your girlfriend is cooking you dinner send us pictures '

You could almost think of Obscure as your Nana. When you visit, she will have all the great photo's and stories of events past .. except we don't bake scones !

In our fast paced insomniac life styles .. daily we go through some interesting and curious experiences that are unique to our perspective on life.

The dancefloor creates a culture that is rich and diverse but still connected ' the exhibition and archiving of this culture is what Obscure is all about.

What we have going on' is of our own creation ..

So bring it on ' .. show us your scene, bring us the asphalt.