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She'll Be Right Records

News from the label with the worlds largest roster of genuine NZ accented musical artists!

1 Jun 2005

Greetings one and all,

As the Earth rolls over and groans in its restless calm, I find myself doing the same...

Thank you to all those who have supported me last year in the release of the Trillion album This World and The Sadvipra Diversion. The album was released in April of this year in Australia thru Melbourne based hip hop label Obese Records, and sold out of the first shipment in two weeks.

I came across this a few weeks ago:

' ...A recent study, commissioned by Future Forests, calculated the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the manufacture and distribution of the average CD housed in a jewel case to be 1.164 kg. One tree, over its lifetime, will offset the CO2 emissions of 500 CDs.'

Not so cool, so I have decided for every 500 CDs I press, I will plant a New Zealand native tree.


After a major label bidding war to release Jeremy Taylor's (cinematic) new solo album Black Balloons, She'll Be Right Records came out on top. Black Balloons is out now...
mp3's here: http://www.mp3.com.au/JeremyTaylor/

or buy and listen here: http://www.smokecds.com/cd/37520

We have two new Dark Tower releases; back in 2001 we released Canterbury Drafts...
now the planned darker part 2 has taken form. The Dark World is out this week.
Much thanks to Creative Communities for contributing towards the recording costs of this album.

The Dark World/review:

Dark World - the new album from Aotearoa's original hip hop duo Dark Tower , ascends from the ashes of New Zealand's urban scene with its politically conscious kick ass music. Amidst a deluge of cash-crop style Americanised hip hop, Dark Tower yields a musical landscape that treats you to a world of fresh, inspirational and dedicated original hip hop at its finest. There is no other sound quite like Dark Tower . The infectious beats, intricate music and lucid, audacious lyrics should make this urban album of the year. From the nostalgic nuances of 'when I was a kid', to the brash broadcast of 'across the fields', from the seamless sampling of 'winds of change' to the rockin' resonance of 'the dark tower anthem' , these anti-hip hoppers 'holla back' with a beacon of light in a Dark World. Rebecca Fountain

And, the 2nd release The Pacific Scandal , a slick instrumentals album of new music plus reworked versions of older (and never been heard before) Dark Tower tracks. The first 100 copies of The Pacific Scandal are free with The Dark World.

Check out two selected tracks here:

Mr Moonshine: http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=106548
The Pacific Scandal : http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=106555

Remember 'Shadows on a Flat Land' which was released in 1998? For those of you who don't know it was a collaborative album between Jody Lloyd and a bunch of other musicians. This July will see the release of the (Creative NZ funded) follow up; TRILLION - The Grey Between Shadow and Shade, featuring most of the original cast along with some fresh new talent. More news on this in a few months! But for now the first single, I WANT YOU featuring Jeremy Taylor, has just been released to radio.

Listen to it here: http://www.mp3.com.au/track.asp?id=106686

Billy Wilson is a rapper from Wellington who clambered on to the SBR wagon in 2004. Billy Wilson's debut album The Great Divide , is due out mid year, and will initially be released in Australia. Billy's first single The Plunger is out now to radio in New Zealand .

Listen to it here: http://www.mp3.com.au/BillyWilson/

Bazuki Joe is traditional Irish music mixed with hip hop style beats. Bazuki Joe (Mike Considine and Jody Lloyd) have been dabbling in recording for the last 8 years. We have finally decided on a track-listing of new and old songs, and the album On The Map is due out soon.

Listen to something here: http://www.mp3.com.au/BAZUKIJOE/

Also this year our very own king of the road, Lindon Puffin (and the Happy Medium) is recording a new (creative nz funded) album. Plans are in the pipeline to release the first single later on in the year, with a slick music video shot in Antarctica. Lindon says he's planning to add the Chatham Islands and Antarctica into his next extensive tour.

St Lucy (the soul searcher) from Hamilton has got together a full live band and is heading into the studio to record. This is one album I am really looking forward to hearing.
keep posted on the worked of St Lucy at: http://www.mp3.com.au/St.Lucy/

She'll Be Right Records has the worlds largest roster of genuine NZ accented musical artists!

And that's not all: We've recently hooked up Australian distribution for the hip hop side of the label through Melbourne based Obese Records ( http://www.obeserecords.com). So any Australian pals , it won't be long now!

more info on these releases and artists at http://www.trillion.co.nz

Thank You for your time and support,

Jody Lloyd

She'll Be Right Records fills the world with melody!

thanks to Obese Records, DualPLOVER, mp3.com.au, smokecds and rhythmethod.