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Sensation White 2005

Years of planning, months of waiting the 2nd of July had finally arrived. Amsterdam, Holland once again here we come!

4 Aug 2005

When the tickets went on sale (1st of April) they pretty much all sold out within 30 minutes. For the record try 40,000.

Upon boarding the train from Amsterdam Centraal to Ajax Soccer Stadium, you could feel the buzz. The Theme for the night of course was white, dress in white or no entry, which was strictly enforced. Girls with their fairy wings, white and silver hair glitter and magic wands and fluffy boots.
We on the other hand decided to make our own stuff, a simple pair of white ¾ pants, some arm bands but best of all, a silver fern t-shirt, which stood out a mile away.

We arrived in good time but the cues were already long. Our group consisted of 8 kiwis living in London. Most of us just flying over for the event, some their first time in Holland and spending an extra few days.

The line up for this event was out of this world, Laid Back Luke, Jean, The Audio Bullies, David Guettea, Armin Van Burren and of course my favorite Marco V!.

Once we finally got in, it was like you were inside a huge space shuttle, the dj booth or main Stage was so big, and central. Through out the night it revolved so that everybody at some point had the dj facing them.

We were greeted with massive firework explosions, it was all very matrix orientated, the idea of that the machines were after us and the only way out was dance to the beats.

Laid Back Luke was the first man to hit the decks, playing an awesome mash up set of funky, deep, techy and prog house. Even at one point dropping Dooms night (Timo Maas edit) and boy did the crowd like this. He teased us with many tracks playing loads of little samples and looping loads of vocals.

More fireworks and visual mind boggling effects before The Audio Bullies took to the stage, after taking some time to play some tunes, it never really seemed like they would play much more than there new song shot you down. Flying in direct from London and another pre party it seemed like they were saving their best till last. Really it never happened and much to our group's disappointment they seemed to be out of touch with the event has a whole. Not to write them off totally because their shot you down track is a classic but you cant really get away with looping it for quite a decent amount of your set.

Between the next little Matrix interludes we treated to a real visual display of dancers and acrobats. People swimming in massive fish tanks and aliens riding in on silver chariots.
The dancers were amazing and so in sync with each other. The whole dive tank thing was very interesting. Then Mega Mix and lasers arrived, a 90 minute mash up of the hottest dance tracks out there. I don't think once during the whole set could I sit down, so up tempo and body shaking. The crowd loved every minute, for an event boasting 40,000 people it was so easy to move through the crowd, chatting to people, taking pictures and staring on some Dutch TV channel. People couldn't believe we had traveled so far, they thought the Kiwi thing was also pretty amazing. The white shirts with the silver fern and face tattoos were a big hit.

Armin Van Buuren was due to appear next and the roar that went up when he appeared was one of many cheers. Many believe this man is chasing hard for the number 1 Dj in the world title.
After this trailblazing set I can fairly say he is #1. Combining with Dutch celebrity pianist Jan Vayne to play the Sensation 2005 theme dubbed 'Serenity' and 'Communication Part 3'. He lifted the party vibe to another level and set the tone for the rest of the night.
It was magical and moving set from Armin that also included his latest killer release 'Shivers' and other big name tracks from Eye Wall and Rank 1.

With the tunes getting faster and harder it was a real toss up to see who was going to play next, with a huge glitter drop and more fireworks and lasers, the V! Appeared. As the voice came over the speaker get ready for Deejayyyyyyyy Marco VVVVV!

Marco V played an interesting set, pretty much all his own releases. Dropping tracks like Café Del Mar, More than a Life away and that classic mix of cold play clocks. Having waited so long to see him, I can fairly say once he handed the decks over to Jean the crowd was more than happy.

Jean as it looks appeared as a special guest, he was introduced as a virus to the system, uploading his tunes of destruction and causing havoc to the system. No real chance of the launch then was there guys? Jean surprised me, playing a very different sound to what I thought he would.
I spent the last hours of the gig walking the stadium, watching people dance, just really soaking up the vibe. It was also amazing to watch the sun come up so early like around 5:30am. By the time Jean had finished it was at least 7am.

We slowly filtered out of the Stadium and onto the nearest train platform. One of the best things about Holland and clubbing, no need to worry about catching a cab, pile straight onto a train and home. The train journey to the hotel was a crack up. So many people to chat too and the look on peoples faces when we hoped out at Centraal Station, Ha will never forget it.

In The Afternoon we departed Amsterdam, I made my way by train to Germany the others flying back to London.

Can't wait to go again next year!

Special thanks to the girls at id-t.