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"Scotty on the breakbeats, Justiyc on the microphone"

Big ups to all the Welly drum and bass massive who turned out for Doc Scott. An absolutely epic night for real, perhaps one of our best yet ....

13 Aug 2000

Just like to take this oppurtunity to extend much love and respect to all the peeps who made it up to Studionine for Doc Scott on Thursday night. A solid crowd of 350 kept the dancefloor full until well after 6am on Friday morning. Scotty could'nt really be faulted, providing the full journey experience and showing why he is regarded as one of the best DnB dj's in the world. Amazing selections from the past, present and future. Justiyc also impressed with his tight mic skills, complimenting Scott's set perfectly and never going overboard.

If you were'nt there then you missed one of the best nights of drum and bass Wellington has ever seen.