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Roland Interview

Tha Man From De Haag Spills the beans..

28 Jan 2006

The Boy From Den Haag first picked up on the music bug when his parents played classical music on the piano (Debussy). Being only 5 years old or so he liked what he heard.

But it all started near the end of 1989 when Roland first heard acid house. By this time he had been playing guitar for 8 years and also had a desent command of the piano. But this new kind of music made him rethink the way to make music. So he bought some synths, a drummachine and got cracking.

I asked him what got him into the producing side of things.. He hit me with "At the time I started there where not much people who where producing house music. It just seemed like a fun thing to do at the time. I really was not taking it very serious at all".

Which then I asked "At what point did you decide yes im going pro and take this show on the road?"... again he laughs and says "I never had that thought. It might sound stupid but most of the time I don't feel very professional when making music" as we can see very humble about what he does.

Now some of you may have heard of Dj Remy, Rolands partner in RR Workshop. I asked when did he bumped into Remy Unger and how it all began..." Remy was one of the first well known DJ's in Holland. He played at the parties I used to go to.

My favorites from these two so far are:
RR Workshop - Solar Flare (2005)
Remy & Roland - Fearless (2004)

In the beginning it was such a small scene and since we both lived in Den Haag (together with Sander Kleinenberg, Pako & Frederik and some other producers) it was just a matter of time before we met up and put our heads together".

In 2005 they also joined forces with Armin Van Buuren and produced that killer bass track Bounce back! totally amazing when it was dropped at sensation white!

As many artists and producers sometimes like to dabble in different types of music, I asked Roland if he had released any media under different names. He hit me with the following.. Radiance (drum & Bass)and Tyler Durden (club).
Under Roland Klinkenberg he has released the following tracks lately:

  • Melting Point
  • Bounce & @
  • Monday Groove

And of course my new favourite track, Twlight

My next question was " How he thought Dj/Producing Dance music had changed in the last couple of years...He had the thoughts of " It just became so massive, technology has become so affordable for many people. Its also getting a little easier so right now a lot of people are making music".

I was now begining to wonder what he was going to have instore for us at Trance Energy in Feb, but on this subject he was very tight lipped..but he did replace this with the near future holds for him.

"Im very keen to work with a Female artist with a fragile voice, but it wouldn't be like the crap you'll hear in most trance records"... It seems his stance on not being labeled a trance producer is very firm.

Roland hopes to soon release an album " of mainly chill out music and some experimental tracks. Sadly thou guys no peak time progressive just yet". again the words of "certainly no trance".

After those parting words I asked him his thoughts on Playing in NZ " Well, I have to get my act together i guess. Wether it'll be DJing or live im not sure, When i'm sorted I would love to come to New Zealand!!

So there we have it folks a little insite into what Roland Klinkenberg is upto right now.

I know for a fact that come set time at on the Armada stage I'll be front row and centre to see his live preformance with Remy and speical guest Armin van Buuren.

A Big thanks to Perry Oneil for sorting this out, and a big shout to Roland for taking the time out to say hay yo!

More on Remy and Perry Oneil to follow soon!