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Roland Klinkenberg


18 Jan 2006

A little bit on one of my favs playing at Trance Energy 06... very hard to track down but hopefully an interview will follow....

Roland is a producer of progressive / tech-house music. For almost ten years now, he's been producing dozens of records. Although he's not a DJ, he does live performances, sometimes with Dj Remy, as RR Workshop.

Roland's first release was 'Trance Textures', in 1994. After that, he pulled forces with Danny Bakker as the 'Freak Force. He also kept on producing solo and went several times to India. In 1997 he produced Bubble Gum Ganster with Sander Kleinenberg and performed live at many The Hague squat parties, eg in the 'Zitparadijs'. Moving the entire studio every week proved to be too much of hassle however, so the performances were delayed until further notice. 1998 was a fruitful year: Inner Laugh was born and the first RR Workshop (Roland and Remy) saw the light.

These days Roland is performing again and continues producing. New RR Workshop releases keep on coming and Roland Klinkenberg does remixes as well, such as Chaos Theory's 'Abstraction'. Besides artists like The Orb, Future Sound of London, Remy, Mr. C. and John Digweed, he admires musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Lalo Schifrin and many artists who release their album on the Ninja Tune label.

Roland will be playing live alongside Remy and Armin in The Armada Area.