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Musically Dope :: Review

Urban Notion ripped up the place this valentines with a two-club extravaganza !!

20 Feb 2004

[[Urban Notion]] / Valentines Day / [[Carbon]] & [[Heaven]]

Valentines Day has always been a special occasion for the Urban Notion camp - what better way to spread their diverse dnb vibe?

This year things went a step further with a 2-club, 11 DJ, 4 MC extravaganza. With breaks at Heaven, and drumnbass and hiphop at Carbon, it was always going to be a matter of juggling time.

My night began with juicy breaks in Heaven before I made my first mission to Carbon to catch Acoustiks. A full dancefloor paid tribute to the fact that they are building strength and coherence as a live unit.

Dexta and Mana had the ladies shakin their tings to a true breaks mashup at Heaven, and by the time I headed back to Carbon I'd realised the convenience of being able to move between clubs, since Carbon was overly packed, hot and smoked out!

Rufio played a stormin set including a few Dionysus tracks before Gamble hopped on for a short but sweet set of quick mixes, including Switch's Barry White bootleg which was off the hook.

MC GT and D-Rex had their flow on, keeping the crowd crazy. Gus's underground hiphop in the backbar proved a popular respite from the madness while D-Tour dropped classics like 'Ruckus' and 'Midnight'.

By 5:30 it was time to check the breaks again... and Aragorn was lettin rip with some classic remixes. Both clubs were full all night with everyone feelin the love, testament to the fact the Urban Notion is developing a solid rep for providing diversity, positivity and quality in drumnbass each and every time they put on a party.

Vanessa Tout
Pics: Tony Tone