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Rhythm & Vines 03-04

7 Jan 2004

not a bad way to spend New Years .. Check the Pics !

A nice and varied selection of Artists and Performers... my highlights being:

the W.B.C. - for uplifting and crowd pleasing Ska in true Kiwi fashion...

the Black Seeds - for playing their happy go-lucky style of muzak (although I think they would have been more suited to playing in the sunshine rather than the midnight slot)... pulled out their classics as well as a nice selection off their soon to be released album...

Soane - for bringing back the funk... Gisborne obviously isn't normally on the House DJ circuit, so the big fulla tried to keep his set as accessible as possible - playing several tunes of last year's Remix mag mix... all in all good value, cept for a few minor technical hiccups...

Callum - for playing what he liked! 2:30am rolls around, and if you were up and still partying hard then the style of music that Callum played was perfect - twisted tech and progressive beats - mmm me liked alot!

Paradigm - I didn't catch much of their performance, but I did enjoy their D+B sound and the MC brought the necessary energy to the MIC...

The few set backs of the festival were:

No decent food (only 1 caravan selling hot dogs and chips!) - if they were to put the gig on again next year, there is definitely a buck to be made bringing cafe style food or decent catering - the punters would have loved it!

No decent chillout area - a marquee with a cpl of bench seats does not make for a comfortable area to "chill-out".

Anyone have reviews of other NYE gigs around the country - in particular what was Alpine like (please tell me that it was successful!!!)? Anyone catch NuBreed, Luke Chable (did they play together as Quest and the Dirty Fours?)? What about local acts like Antix?

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