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Record Cutting and Dub Plates (in NZ)

You can get the highest quality records and Dub Plates made in NZ. Quick turnaround and very reasonable price. Contact details included.

31 Jan 2002

I am cutting record masters and dub plates . I have a very nice cutting room with excellent equipment including valve compressors, neve console etc and get a great result on a Neumann lathe.

I have been cutting a lot of Drum and Bass. Price of 12 inch plates is (presently) $175 NZ incl GST.

You can contact me at joegubay@compuserve.com or +6494451332.

Tapes /dats /cds can be sent to:

Joe/Track Recordings Ltd
PO. Box 32-349
New Zealand

I can usually turn sounds into plates within a couple of days + post.

The results are awesome -as loud as the best UK cuts -Cyanide Recordings and Subtronix distibutors have cut 60 sides in the last month or so !! Many of the sides were played at the Big Day Out here a couple of weeks ago.

Get in contact if you are interested and if you need technical or other help feel free to contact me.