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Culled from the depths of a psecret mailing list, we go dimmer, film festival and a coupla links to perv at.

18 Jul 2001

>The new Dimmer album's pretty damn nice. Kinda sleek and moody with all those electronics going on. Sounds like another ProTools effort.. anyone know?

>I know Sony bought him all the gear for his studio, and I think I saw an interview recently where he spoke about learning how to use Pro Tools and Logic...

>He did use ProTools... he had a deal with Sony that set him up with a studio in his backyard and *plenty* of time. Nice one Sony... it's a great album. I spent a couple of days recently listening to it continuously... find it great to work to. "I Believe You Are A Star" made me go back and listen to the Straitjacket Fits' "Melt" again, and had me rediscovering my love of "Down in Splendour".

>Surprisingly enough, I really can't get enough of the Dimmer album, and would almost go as far as saying it is my fave ever NZ electronica album.

>On the fave ever NZ electronica stakes, I was all set to go "wee!" about the rotor+ album and then just didn't dig it that much at all. Maybe I should get it out of the library and give it another go. If I can avoid another ramble about whether Denver's any good, I think I'd go with the Micronism album.

If you're allowed to go with ex-pats, I'd probably go with Parmienter, if anyone's heard any of that Sigma Editions stuff. http://www.sigmaeditions.com ... but that's apples and pears...

I am big on both of those... tho I had to avoid reading the poems in the pretty Rotor+ booklet, they were just too much for me.


>oh they raved all right... what i found interesting about the whole Dimmer hype was that no one asked just how DO you survive for the 4 years it took to make ONE album... where did the money come from, what were the expenses... how many copies do Sony now have to sell to recoup their investment? but that's just me... and yes, good record...

>Flipside hits the BBC's top tens!

Get the dirt on Coke

Pick of the film festival so far is Amores Perros, followed by In the Mood for Love for its exquisite dissection of a relationship that never was. But Amores Perros, from the get go was always going to shadow the other films in the programme. I've only walked out of two films so far, so good.

More pics up at http://www.southsidesoul.com from last Sunday's affair... Ajax, Martin Jay, Hud Garrod and Dean on decks (with Hud also putting in an appearance on a pole) and much skulduggery and jiggery pokery all round.

SSS7 on Sunday July 29 features Greg Churchill, Martin Jay and Dean doing a Box reunion kinda thingymajig. If you're in London, come on down; if you're in NZ, tell ya UK friends etc etc...

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