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Plush Bomb

Look out Wellington it's the Plush Bomb... Thank God it's Friday! Prepare yourselves for an explosive night of live music, film and dancing in the surrounds of the plushest venues in the Capital.

2 Jun 2001

Prepare your selves for an explosive night of live music, film and dancing in the surrounds of the plushest venues in the Capital. Plush Bomb is Wellington group Ebb's EP release party; this great excuse for a bash debuts at 9pm on Friday the 6th of July at The Embassy Theatre in Wellington and features the tycoons of taste DJ Mu, Fat Freddys Drop (live) DJ Cian, Missing Link and your hosts the extraordinary Ebb.

Plush Bomb drops the bomb to celebrate Ebb's debut release, which will be in shops from July 9th. This talented trio have been working on the recordings for the last 6 months; the result is a stunning culmination of their live sound and studio wizardry. The Ebb EP is a mix of disco, dub drum and bass and soul that has been delighting Wellington ears and eyes for the last year.

Ebb's tracks are phenomenal soundscapes purred by the sultry Lisa Tomlins while Reuben and Iain pledge dub ins and outs, effects and super skanky samples. If you were listening through a cheap motel wall, you'd think they were the Mad Professor, George Clinton and Donna Summer jamming. You've seen them perform in their motel setting, but now in true disaster movie fashion Ebb prepare to drop the Plush Bomb! We can't tell you too much about the Plush Bomb set up but these clever people are the most innovative production machine in Wellington. Reuben Sutherland who is world famous for his award winning Shihad videos crafts lush, human images for a synergised dancefloor experience. Just one of the many things to thrill you during an Ebb Show. Ebb's live music feast comprising of sound, visuals and stage design rolled into one lush and sexy package make for a night to remember. An Ebb performance is stylish, top-shelf, fresh and direct. Their sublime mix of underground disco, funk and dub has most recently charmed audiences in the capital in a double bill with Chicago house producer Common Factor.

"Ebb are bringing us a new era of dance music. That's made by humans for humans. They're making it as you're dancing, which feels light years ahead of the soul-less blips of some nerd's computer." Cleve Cameron. Spungo-London

Plush Bomb is a multi media extravaganza opening at 9pm for lounging and listening before the movie screening of disco proportions: 'Thank God it's Friday' starring The Commodores, Donna Summer and Jeff Goldblum (and the girl from Fame the series). Ebb perform on the Embassy stage after midnight. The Red Dragon Room hosts The Matterhorn crew and their expert bartenders whipping up cocktails while Djs play a soothing selection of lounge, soul and Funk plus an extra special after 3am appearance of DJ MU and Fat Freddys Drop.

Enjoy an evening of visual and aural orgies and Wellington audiences will be astounded by extravagant environment the Embassy provides for just that purpose.

A unique and world-class performance in our favourite picture palace

Tickets are $30, strictly limited and on sale from 'ticket agents' on the streets of Wellington from June 1st (look for the Plush Bomb), Deluxe Cinemas and The Matterhorn. If you need help finding a ticket agent email agent@soft.co.nz for the hook up. This has been a Dental Records announcement.