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Phobonetika - Midwinter madness

Now that we've recently endured the longest night, we can look forward to brighter, warmer days ... but after having lived here for almost two decades, I realise the only way to get real warm in July is to get cosy at a dance event (or some place else) ...

1 Jul 2000

Hey well supposedly now that we've recently endured the l.o.n.g.e.s.t night we can look forward to brighter + warmer days, as summer makes its certain arrival. Not sure I'm quite as optimistic as this media waffle -- after having lived here for almost two decades, I realise the only way to get real warm in July is to get cosy at a dance event (or some place else) ...

Zeal has the strangelehold for those under 19, with some large event pencilled in for the 22nd of July. I'm sure they'll have lots more on with the school holidays now taking their toll on the city, you'll know when I do ...

Studionine and Phoenix (I finally worked out to spell it correctly for once) are also very busy; both are booked out into August and with the help of <A HREF="http://www.subtronix.co.nz">Subtronix</A>, some dates much further into the future are confirmed.

The Drum'n'bass front continues to have a forecast. Doc Scott with MC Justiyc will be here in six weeks, september will feature Marcus Intalex vs DJ Lee, and the horizon holds Andy C on October 7th. Ofcourse, Bass Frontiers down at Studionine is dished out every fortnight and our locals put up just as good a show; proven when they support the UK massive. (That's not to diss the UK Talent, ofcourse; Bad Company was one of the best drum'n'bass nights of my life). Stay informed by keeping an eye on the <A HREF="http://www.warp9.co.nz/grind">Grind Page</A>. If you're impatient and want to hear Andy C's latest (before October jumps on you), head over to his label's website, <A HREF="http://www.ramrecords.com">ram records</A> ...

The Phoenix scene is striving, with another <A HREF="http://www.fevah.co.uk">Fevah</A> and many international acts booked to come. The 'theatre' will soon undergo renovations so that the bottom level will no longer be terraced.

Just a few more things before I let you go...

1. The observant will notice the Unity party didn't make it into the listings below; hopefully it will still eventuate because it seemed like such a great idea. (over 1500 attended the Christchurch equivalent) I'll keep you posted!

2. Fun Poison : Karnage photos (courtesy of me) went up a week or so ago ... Visit <A HREF="http://funpoison.com">funpoison.com</A> so you can see the great night you missed (or if you went, what you forgot, from erm, having such a great time). (Yes, reprints can be requested, $1 each). BTW ... I noticed another gurl taking photos there - I would be interested in seeing them ... Can anyone help? She's wearing the plain white top in fpk_dancers.jpg (third photo)

3. I've been messing a lot with all the email address list while trying to get rid of bouncing addresses, so if you got dropped off the list accidentally (or your email reverted to an old address) then reply with a little note saying how incompetent I am :P The main problem is, of course, that paradise.net have an antispam mechanism which only lets me send emails to a maximum of a 100 ppl a time so I have to send the same email many times...

Midwinter shouts to andyb, and mia (now over in canada - in the summer, damn it!)

Keep a watch here on obscure for more upcoming goodies (there's a calendar there now, I'll do my best to fill it up) ...

SIGGY (dj phobo) - phobo@paradise.net.nz

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01.07 She's Got That Special Sauce (Tiff,Flic,ShadowGirl,Maria,Agent99) @Liquid
01.07 Club Kog - Auck DJs Automattic, Phully & Kog Transmissions @Studionine
06.07 New Frontiers (every thursday; free entry) @Studionine
07.07 Bass Frontiers Presha, Wizard, Pixie, BLow (Studionine, $10)
08.07 Vinyl Junkies Soane & Spooky (AK)
08.07 DJ Taka (Japan) Tribal/Trance, Pheonix
16.07 ITF Champs? (silly @89Fm ppl never contactable)
21.07 Bass Froniters Trick D & Motion (AK), Sean & Ruffstep (S9,$10)
22.07 Fevah (Phoenix)
22.07 All Ages Zeal Rave (more details TBC)
27?07 Lucien Foot (Phoenix)
29.07 Phuture Sound Design (massive national lineup!) Phoenix


04.08 Bass Frontiers (Lineup TBC)
04.08 Club Lovely Tour (OB1, Club Lovely visuals+decore), Phoenix
05.08 BEXTA (Female hardhouse DJ from Sydney), Phoenix
10.08 Doc Scott & MC Justiyc (UK Direct). Studionine ($30)