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Phobonetika - June 2000

And so story goes

9 Jun 2000

Okay so slander me, phobonetika is late but hopefully it's still fashionable :) I just got a new computer and I bet you didn't realise either, that you cannot import/export groups of email addresses; only every damned one you have. Hence the laborious task of figuring who doesn't want this email, from the hundreds that do. Anyway enuf bitching .... microsoft just got chopped in two, so hopefully thats teachin' 'em :)

The next two weekends have a lot happening, which is good to beat off those Wild Welly Winter Chills. Both Studio9 and Phenoix Theatre are, as usual, providing Wellington's dance scene with their fair share of attractions from all over the globe. First and foremost, tomorrow sees the arrival of Bad Company, close on the heels of other recent drum'n'bass visits such as Grooverider and EdRush/Optical.

Phoenix turns "one" on Saturday. Not quite sure exactly what happended a year ago, considering I remembered (badly?) the original Fusion and The Visit were down at Phenoix much over a year ago!? Channel Z is trying to hot itself up by supporting this month's FEVAH, which has probably sold out by now, but theres plenty other stuff as well on that night - if you're into the scene, make sure you're not babysitting or being babysat on the 17th :) The other attractions, are ofcourse, Fun Poison with the Japanese DJ 'Sueme' at the Studio (check http://www.funpoison.com), and an all-ages drum'n'bass frenzy from the Bass Frontiers massive down at Zeal (http://www.warp9.co.nz/grind).

Hopefully news of Carl Craig's postponement, forced after the state the Detriot Music Festival he organised left him in, will hit our shores soon.

Next month will house something more provocative, but just as necessary and rational as the gay law reform. Pheonix and Studio9 are joining forces! It will be along the lines of 'Unity' which amazed christchurchers (-ians?) earlier in the year, which had 1500 attending. A $25ish ticket will gain you entry to both the venues - with heaps of talented DJs from all around the country strutting their stuff.

Speaking of next month, keep an eye out for transparent flyers for a party at (a withheld-address), featuring only Wellingtonian female DJs!

Being barraged with the millions of emails on the Gathering Mailing List does have some advantages - this week has held some rather important news. Not only is it very likely to be in a new location (Golden Bay), this location will have a road going in, as well as a road going out. Not only this, but it will be a day longer in length. And most crucial of all, the call for DJ mixtapes is out. So if you wanna score more chicks or guys (or both!) than you would normally over New Years, visit http://www.gathering.co.nz and read the instructions on how to send your mixtape in. Those who have in the past DJ'ed (or tried?) should check their snailmail boxes over the coming days. And the other exciting news, is thats theres something like 204 more days until Gathering 2001.

And finally, Studio9 is pumping a new style with its free-admission thursday nights - "New Frontiers" - showcasing upcoming local DnB and Techno talent.

Thanks to infopimps Dave + Darryl and also those few who took the 9 seconds to wish me happy birthday last month :)

  • d a t e s -

    • j u n e --

09 Bad Company + local support. $25 from RealGroovey+Flipside (Studio9)
10 Pheonix First Year Birthday (OB1, Flux, Andy B, Quamay).
10 Hijacked Dean Webb (AK), Flex, Nick Wilson, John Saunders ($10, Studio9)
17 Fun Poison 7: Karnage DJ Sueme + Agent99, Shadowgirl, Toshi @ Studio9
17 Bass Frontiers: On Location Sean,Kava,Nikal,Conspiricy,Pixie,Ruffstep (DnB, Zeal, All Ages)
17 Fevah Ian Mac(UK),Roosta(UK),Riksta,TonyK,DannyBoy,Ryan,AndyB,Mesh,Stu,Pooley,$25@Pheonix
24 Manuel Bundy the hiphop funkster returning for the 2nd in June @ Matterhorn
25 Fusion As with all other Saturdays, Quamay + Ollie are down at Tatou's Boilerroom ($5)

    • j u l y --

01 Something saucey going on with all the Wellington Female DJs :)
16 Unity party ... a combined Studio9 and Pheonix event!