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Pacific Heights extraordinaire & the Urban Notion crew celebrating Aotearoa drum&bass'

4 May 2004

Heaven, Sat 8th May

With New Zealand Music Month in full swing and the Aotearoa drum&bass scene bursting at the seams with talent, the return of Christchurch's dnb extraordinaire Pacific Heights, aka Devin Abrams, to Heaven for a juicy musical concoction with Urban Notion was timely to say the least.

The lush progression of sounds provided a true musical soundscape for discerning ears. Acoustiks' funked up broken beats with Jet's dreamy, uplifting freestylin got hips swaying, packing the club out before making way for the Pacific Heights showcase. Whoosh from Dunedin joined him for the ride, and as soon as those sublime sax riffs started flowin, the crowd responded with a purely positive, energised vibe.

It's no wonder the line of peeps outside extended both ways down Colombo St, since both Devin and Whoosh's selection was exquisite. Several fresh Marky treats and numerous Hospital rollers were laid down like Nu:Tone's 'Breathless', alongside heavier yet melodic tracks like the 'Step Into a World' remix, creating an intelligently unique live soundfusion that seriously rocked the dancefloor.

Always up for party tricks, Rufio and Gamble upped the pace with their trademark back2back rawness, getting dirty on it in places with the help of MC GT and dropping classics like '3AM' and 'Feelin' U' that haven't been heard out in a long time. The night resounded with quick, on point and smooth mixing...inspiring good conversation, booty movin and much respect for positive musical collaborations that make parties so dope that everyone stays for the very last drop.