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Out in one '

Phat big zone' in the scenic native bush ...

12 Oct 2003

The Outdoors will be presenting the biggest live single zone outdoor party of the 03-04 summer in the South Island.

Set in the scenic native bush of the Maitai Valley, only 15 minutes drive from Nelson City.

Giving those travellers on their way to /events/alpine_unity & /events/alpine_unity somewhere to spice up big time with a 30,000 Watt bass heavy soundsystem, smart lighting, projections from MrJ, Sha & Selena, with drinks by the Phat Club in a special R18 zone at what is otherwise an all-ages party.

Featuring: Trinity Roots, Shapeshifter, Salmonella Soundsystem, Minuit, Pacific Heights, Zuvuya, Concord Dawn, Rengade Soundsystem, Agentalvin, Landline, Wicked Draw, Solid State, Alion, Bluey, Master Pilot & Moska +

From noon Sat 27 Dec til noon Sun 28 Dec!