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Oh Please

In other news

16 Feb 2004

Oh horray the Super 12 has started pfft righto, being in the Counties area really whom am I suppose to support? I live closer to Blues than the Chiefs

Yet the old story heck no you dont support Waikato or Auckland? I dont really see how you can call it Super.. who said those 12 teams where even Super in the First Place ? when it first started Canturbury finished behind Counties.. what made them so Super that they could Leap Frog Counties? anyway thats in the past i guess.

Once again Counties has been snubbed and has no super 12 game (being aligned with the chiefs of course) and no development team games either for that matter?

How are the Chiefs really going to drum up any support .. after a 70 point thrashing in Sydney from NSW and a 40 Point Hiding from The Highlanders in Oamaru, oh whoop de do don't get my heart racing because they beat a second string Brumbies team.. who from the King Countryis really going to make the trip to Waikato to watch there so called "Super" team play?

I hate the Super 12 it sucks, teams like The Bop, The Naki, Southland, Northland, Counties ect get robbed of there young talent ... off to the bright lights of the big cities.. some people call it life..... i call it bullshit.

Oh lets make a 12 team first div they say, It will fix the gap, the problem of the overseas player drift, Ok fine good idea, but who the gets the final vote thats says 2 of the following likely second div contenders - Hawkes Bay, Counties , Manawautu or Nelson Bays miss out? and is then forever stuck in the second div losing all their young talent.

Gone are the days of rugby being fun, when use to have just 5 mins (if that) for 1/2 time, when you didn't have subs and maybe had to fake a sore leg to get your mate on, when you could run on the field after the game get an autograph from your Hero, have a shot at goal, touch the playing field and say "man Joilie scored here" or " Hey bro Cully made that trying saving hit there" .....

I cant wait till the NPC starts i think this year is going to be the best ever, Counties will make it back to div 1 ... and when they do its time to Haunt Waikato, just like we did way back in that semi in the late 90's

"get your tickets for next weeks final its sure to be a cracker" they said over the P.A at 1/2 time.......

"Hang on mate you might want to win the game first" I thought to myself

Low and Behold the prayers where answered and Counties made the biggest come back ever and smashed them to bits HAhA HA g00d j0b

the time has come and the smaller unions need to rise, fight these 5 so called "Super" Unions

  • Never mind this Super 12 hyped crap, roll on the NpC , the real rugby of New Zealand -

Carl Reynolds