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Official NZ Dance Music Chart

an expression of what's hot in the NZ clubs right now

12 Jan 2005

A new nationally syndicated radio programme, bringing together the top 10 tracks from the New Zealand club scene will soon be heard on a network of 16 stations around the country. For the first time ever, a definitive national dance chart is being compiled in New Zealand, aiming to be an expression of what's hot in the clubs right now by getting it's statistics from a selected 'academy' of independent record stores, club and radio DJ's.

The show is being made by independent radio production company 'Media With Attitude' and will be presented by Josh Webb and Nik Barrett. It will also feature editorial content such as interviews, news and reviews, as well as a strong focus on New Zealand artists, with regular spots for new locally produced music to be showcased.

The goals of the show are "to showcase and grow the New Zealand dance music scene, to encourage participation, and to ultimately be the best dance music show on the radio in this country" said Josh Webb, the shows producer.

The statistics gathered will also help to form the basis for the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) to allocate funds collected in royalties from nightclubs, dance parties and events, providing an additional benefit for the dance music scene. "This will give fairer representation to electronic musicians and hopefully alleviate a point of contention where event promoters have often been reluctant to contribute to the funding pool in the past, due to the lack of a reliable system to get their money to the intended artists" Webb said.

The show will run weekly, commencing January 28th. A list of participating radio stations and further information is available at http://www.nzdc.co.nz