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nye in the highlands

after a lengthly nye train trip from Kings Cross Station...

21 Jan 2005

We pulled into Edinburgh Central Station, grabbed a quick taxi and hit the hotel for a quick change.

Being 8pm already time was running out.

Shower, tickets, shoes, shave, lock the door, hold that bus.... lucky!

Street parties on NYE, from my NZ Experinces, fights, boozed teenagers fireworks, girls wanting a kiss, surf beachs.

Scotland NyE parties, bands, live acts, djs, massive fireworks, fair ground rides, more booze please, girls, boys, fun, laughter.

Right on the dot of 00:00 the fireworks erupted, out of Edinburgh Castle.

Simply amazing, the sounds cranked back up again and HeLLo MYLO and friends are on stage.

MuthaF*ckers gana dr0p the pressure, hell yea did they what.

3am Eternal? ha no no home time, well via a few local bars and a long cold walk home, so make it 6am.

That was scotland, friends fun good times....

How was yours?