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Nick Warren GU World Tour

Nick Warren Hits New Zealand with the GU boys for the cd release party at the Civic.

26 Mar 2003

The Night was wicked.. the dj's where Phat and the Venue was amazing. Mixam took on the huge task of bringing Nick Warren Down under with Local support from Greg Churchill and Rob Warner this was always going to be a stormer of a Night at the very hidden venue of the Civics theatres "Winter Garden".

Upon entering the Civic building we where greeted by the huge lights and very wicked interoir of this very old building very Jungle and Temple like I must add... heck i even got searched for glow sticks (Paulo you set this up i so know you did!)

Greg Churchill put the crowd in a frenzy with his warm up set even droping the classic la luna by 12 inch city rockers gota love that pink vinyl cover.

Mark Emerson along with Mata, Cuffy and Darryl Milne also keep the Punters going in the Foyer House Room with there funky feet moving choons.

Once the man of the night took over he stepped it up another notch.

Tune of the night for me was Planet Funk "who said" a huge crowd build up
with one much cheering and whistling for the break down on that track.

Nicks Set started off very housey as he took us on a magical jounery through the genre that is Progressive.

The Last 1/2 hour of his Set was very exicting touching on the more finer points of pr0g trance. After a storming 3 hour set that know one wanted to end he handed over the wheels of Steel to Mr Rob Warner to take the crowd on Home!!!

The Huge crowd of 1000+ enjoyed every moment of it

Big Ups to Mix Am , Paulo and the WsNc boys for laying down a top notch Gig... bring us some more of that Underground Sound that is Progressive!