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New music tool win-win technology

A new successfully tested technology is proving to be a valuable tool for struggling New Zealand Musicians wanting to be heard at home and around the world.

26 Jun 2005

New Zealand music label, Ara Tipu, introduced the technology in January this year after a battle to protect the label's sound copyrights on the Internet. The introduction of the Weed technology has created a new avenue for New Zealand artists in a way that allows them to be heard whilst their copyrights remain intact.

The new format is friendly for musicians as well as music lovers wanting to share music files on the Internet through the use of Digital Rights Management and distributed limited free play licenses. It creates a win-win situation with ongoing advantages for all artists involved.

New Zealand artists such as Louis Bernstone, Prudence, Oh Yeah, formerly/known and Anita Jurgens have all come to the attention of New Zealand music audiences as well as audiences around the world by utilizing the Weed system. Louis has also been featured on the Weed home site in the United States and now has a New Zealand distribution contract all because of the Weed technology.

The system is free for musicians that are serious about being heard provided their recordings are up to a qualifying standard. The tracks are free for people to download and try, but like any good shareware product, a payment is required for the continued use of the track; 50% of which is returned to the artist. Five dollars is also placed into every account free for each new user to try out the Weed system.

"The applications of the Weed format appear to be endless," company director Stewart McFarlane states. "The format can be used on the Net, through P2P networks and on enhanced CDs distributed to the buying public. The distribution capabilities surpass that of standard CD and are 100% legal, and totally consumer friendly."

"Weed is the first P2P friendly music format to hit New Zealand, all artists and genres are welcome to apply for Weedification."

Last year the '90s rock band Heart sold more tracks using the Weed system than they did using iTune type stores.

More info at http://www.nzweed.com