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new ' but not ?!

4 Sep 2003

Check it out look around ..

There are new navigation features, new ways of finding things .. maybe even new things to find, or old things to find in new ways ?!

Update your membership!! It's well worth it.. Obscure will be adding some 'whiz bang' new features in the next wee while' that put you directly in touch with information about your local scene + more ..

Do let us know if the site goes wrong on you .. our massive development team of (one) will work over night to fix ting's.

We welcome any suggestions .. and as always we want to encourage you to submit your content. It's just so damn easy and we love your stories and photos, it's what makes obscure ' well obscure !

Ah . other wise .. we hope you enjoy the new site and being involved in New Zealand's unique dance scene and culture.