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Monolake - redifining 'live'

Monolake is one of the original pioneers of the Berlin minimal techno scene

15 Dec 2003

As you know Version is presenting Monolake (Berlin) performing live as well as some of New Zealand's top electronica performers and DJ's (which in itself is pretty wicked!) in Auckland on Monday December 22nd at the Wyndham Bowling Club . Monolake is also playing in Wellington the following night at Indigo Bar.

Monolake is one of the original pioneers of the minimal techno scene in Berlin, as typified by labels such as Basic Channel and Chain Reaction, both of which Monolake, aka Robert Henke was involved with. His sound is a mixture of both the sophistication of academic sound design and the energy of club culture and in todays typical homogenous dance music it is both refreshing and unique.

First up in the incredible line up of local live performer/producers is Jet Jaguar ex-Wellingtonian now based in Melbourne. Jet Jaguar, aka Michael Upton has consistently made and released quality electronica over the past ten years. He has released three CD's , with the latest one 'Jet Jaguar is Love' out now on the "Involve" label. This CD is definitely one worth having- it's totally stylish electronica and some of the best I've heard in ages. Jet Jaguars mix of Dub Connection's "All The Goodness" won Best Unreleased Song at the 2000 bnet awards and recently his solo album "Think About It Later" was nominated for Best Electronic Release at the 2003 bnet awards.

But wait... there's more!!

We also have Misled Convoy aka Mike Hodgson from Pitch Black playing live as well. Misled Convoy's music can be described as deep, minimal and scapey. Mike has been releasing music for the past 18 years starting as 'Tinnitus' in 1986. Mike has also released Dub remix albums in 1992 as 'Projector Mix' and helped put on the famous "Rotate your State" parties. Now he collaborates/performs with Paddy Free as 'Pitch Black'. Mike also established "Soliton' - a multi-media event.

Next are Antix, aka the Strom brothers who have taken the world by storm since 1999. They travel the world taking their particular brand of funky, crisp, spacious, hypnotic techno to different festivals/parties and have played in places such as Fabric (London, UK) and the legendary U-site and Camp Electric(Denmark). As well as being sought after performers they also are also well respected producers, with tracks on renowned labels such as Plastik People.

Following monolakes performance will be a unique techno dub project featuring kndnsr vs warmjet . This will involve a live integration of elements from each of their works to create new hybrid tracks. The contrast of warmjet's deep tech styles and kndnsr's abstract syncopated grooves is sure to create a mesmerising mixture. kndnsr (Kitt Mcgregor) was the core organiser of the 'Version" festival - an electronic music event that enabled many up and coming, as well as more established, artists to present their music to a wider audience. Kitt and Tim (warmjet) have released music online through their web-based streaming site and label http://listeninglounge.net . They were both founders and hosts of the parallel universe show on 95bfm for the first 5 years. Kitt initiated the' AK97' compilation which included one of his tracks.

Last but not least of the live performers is Clone (Matt Drake). A well known DJ about town and producer, Clone has had releases on such quality labels as 'Nurture'. He will be bridging the gap between DJing and performing live with the help of three decks, fx and a 909( such as Ritchie Hawtin did with "Decks, FX and 909").

There are also two Dj's playing - Melody and um (Martin Kay). Melody was the organiser of the small but very lush 'Polar' parties and has been DJing minimal music for the last couple of years.Martin has been playing techno for the last seven years or so and was a key member of the group 'Eudaemony' in Dunedin as was Melody.

So... all in all this is definitely not a night to be missed... an incredible performer/producer from Germany as well as tons of local talent, almost all performing live which is something that simply does not happen all that often.

So I guess I'll see you guys at the gig...