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Molotov coctails two steps at a time...

Tales from the Dell-side. Our Obscure agent in Spain.

22 Mar 2005

Ah, travelling. I´d totally recommend throwing the ´lonely planet´ out the window and trusting in your random wanderings. That´s how you really get to see the world

I see people wandering around with their lonely planets in their hands, trusting in it like a bible, never leaving the beaten path that the guide book guides.

And i gotta admit, i´ve been known to check in with the book every now and then as well. But the best times have been without the book, stepping into the unknown.

So what does this have to do with molotov coctails?¿

Well, i went out to see my friend the other night, we went to an old school spanish eating place. Musical instruments all over the walls, old trumpets, clarinets, huge big brass things i don´t even know the name of, wee tiny horns, those things with folds you push and pull and press the keys... you get the picture.

It´s kinda like a diner, with a long bench you sit at, and sandwiches on display in front of you. Cheap, but the waiters wear bow ties, and take pride in what they do. And super super yummy!!

Well, we went there for a two euro sandwich, and of course some wine. (it´s
so cheap over here!!) and then a wee tad more wine. and by the time i left i was smilingly warm.

Walking down the streets toward home. Met a friendly couple of people randomly on the street, started chatting to them, they found out i was into music, and invited me back to their place to play me some tunes. I trust me instinct and they were good people, so we went back. There was all this blue powdery stuff inside the door, on the steps. strange!

Going inside, was a group of great people, one of the people asked what the blue stuff was. Turned out it was from a fire extinguisher.

The story goes like this: The old landlord told the people that they could stay there for a year, then sold the place. The new landlord wanted the people out. And so now (i dunno about the negotiations) the new owner has commissioned some people to get them out.

The people staying in the house were all awake in the house because earlier that day a molotov coctail was thrown at the door. So they were keeping watch.

The place was kind of like a squat with lots of people hanging out there, but super super lovely people! By that time, it was past the curfew for the hostel i was in, so i stayed and chatted with them. They were from all over europe. Damn interesting conversations went down that night.

The next day i walked to Park Guell, a park that Gaudi had designed. Fantastic!!! Walked up the top, looked over the city. Yum. Jumped down the steps two at a
time (ah, the energy that bubbles up when having a good time) and was loving it.... but then... me leg started hurting....?¿

ah well. Maybe i walked a little too much. met me friend, went to a club. Turned out to be a super mega uuber club. 5 floors of different clubs and places, and stuff. two thousand people on the main dance floor, not to mention all the rest. All though i had an ok time, not really my cup of tea.

Too many people, definately a meat market, no room to move and groove. And the music was rather weird. They were playing super old electronic music. ...

Anyways, was an experience. .. back home at 7am again... the next day OW!! My leg super uuber hurt. Day of rest, looked it up on the internet (self-diagnosis) i have shin splints. Realised it must be from walking on concrete, and large steps two at a time downhill.

Apparently, if you didn´t know, it´s really bad for you. (trust me, the pain aint no fun) So now i´m tanked up on pain pills, and RESTING!!!! Frozen peas at the ready, lucky i live in the middle of town.

Can´t sit too still for too long, i just heard that there´s a parade in town ´cause it´s a public day off. Hope it´s near, am going to superslow walk there, put me foot up and enjoy the visuals.