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Minuit on line

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1 Feb 2004

The world is full of creeps and freaks and you...

... yeah yeah, and Iím pleased to announce the monumental news
that http://www.minuit.co.nz is alive and well thanks to azza bídazza
and is looking hot as an overheated holden making the mad dash
out to the airport to catch the 10.20 plane

With future gigs/info/pics the beautiful bit is that its gonna be
updated with a frequency which you may scoff at and turn an eyebrow
in scepticism at such a frank and uncharacteristic admission,

weeeeeehell, weíll see wont we . .


Just to give a preview: ruth has followed through her threat of writing up the words to the songs cos some people seem to have a little trouble with her lyrical lisp

so contrary to popular public opinion the first line of SPECIES II

isn't "if this is SPACE then, i like it..."

nor is it "...if this is BASS then, i like it..."

it is in fact "if this is PEACE then, i like it..."

For those up north catch you sunday at the bFM summer series Albert Park auckland city itís a freebie; or down south next week at Rippon festival itís a ripper; or Friday 13 in wgtn; or SPLORE in March

summers still here, campers,

lotsa love