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Metrobeatz - Auckland

It was a tough job bringing the dnb heads out on a rainy Auckland night, but the boys behind Metrobeatz sure made a damn good effort.

10 Apr 2003

Auckland, Saturday 5 April

In the small depths of the Galatos basement, Nick D warmed up the wet ones.There was no chance in heading outside with this guy behind the decks.

Nick brought the warmth of love into the room with Danny C's "The Mexican". He put a smile on every dial, pumping out the funk n bass to the small congregation.

The time came for Nick to hand over the reins to Aussie; Motive, who kept the crowd in the groove. The Terrain Crew member brought a bit of grunt into the mix, thrashing out Bad Company's latest 'Hornet'.

All DJ's and VJ kept their cool for the nights' entirity, meandering through the crowd during tracks and chatting amongst themselves, giving the gig an informally comfortable and personal atmosphere.

As anticipated, Pzee threw in his five cents worth, with a slice of tech dnb. But it was an uphill struggle keeping the small and social crowd interested. Most opted to chat freely on the dance floor, pretending they had the Metrobeatz cd on in the background (honestly!?!).

The true dnb heads however, came out feeling satisfied with the trans tasman team and mighty glad they ventured out into the rain.