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Massey Student Radio Wellington

Massey University Network Transmissions (M.U.N.T FM) will be hitting Wellington's airwaves on 16th July, and with a minimum 60% NZ Music Quota, we want YOUR music!

19 Jun 2002

The new Massey Student Radio station, based in Wellington, aims to provide its listeners with a diverse range of NZ music (60% minimum) and will endeavor to promote local artists of all genre's.

Whilst contacting NZ record companies, it has become obvious that a LARGE percentage of artists in NZ are unsigned and unreleased, meaning they are virtually inaccessable.
The station has already recieved many cd's from local artists, using resources such as bands.co.nz and NZmusic directory to gain contact.

However, we are lacking Electronica, and if any of you out there are making your own music, WE WANT IT.

We can play you on the station and promote you.

So, if you have some music you would like to hear on the radio, please send it to

Massey Student Radio
PO BOX 756
attn - Claire Medcalf

I look forward to playing your music