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Thru the Eye of Obscure

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Like this Solstice

The place that time changes for you, surrounded by friends & love, and a not quite muddy ground.

27 Jun 2004

Up goes the tent, and people move slowly like stalking prey, achieving tasks and creating space pushing out the edges for care and ease.

As the pit gets settled, as wild and trees are dragged beating to the preparation. The cool comes settles as the eve draws night and the solstice is a upon us. The fire is lite.

Search sound did roar and shudder from life, booming big echoes as head lights of trailing cars draw nights full of revving voices and sulking shadows. It was a fight at first between sight unsettled and nerves in echo which stole away sound.

But each quarter was drawn, leaving bright cheeks, cheese & crackers, a stiff dash of whiskey and set foot alert. Into the party, the sparkling night, the sweet sounds and sweet stops, deep neat and beat treats, each another and dancing for the sake of it.

You wander and shuffle find faces and talk, lost conversations ignited by smiles, warmth and relaxed. Drink coffee refresh, chilled out there sounds. This space reminds us of the postcards from a friend, like lily pads & waffles and jam in the sun.

Looking around notice character and grace, the people right here are in a friendly place. The common is large and the interest is keen, it is such a night that it intended to take place.

And on through the night, bass crawls close to the ground as the cold draws the air, greasy underfoot as the lines like to slide and the rumbling bins grumbling hungry and cold. Still deep in the jungle and the third and the bite, people keep dancing.

Others like us may have slept and kept rested, while pixies and spirts stayed out in the dark catching stars and reflecting light, sharing whispers & watching edges glows as a dawn eerie light exposes the dancing night.

All that is left is all that was started, the few of the who like dancing with many. As such and as us the time is spent standing, listening to music and dancing and standing.

This is like Solstice,is this some dance and the people, this music the sound, this is this solstice, this winter, the days will be longer!