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Ladi6 - Presented by Urban Notion

"Her words were hard hitting but feminine; in-your-face yet insightful" - Sat 24th July @ Heaven

24 Jul 2004

Christchurch's hiphop massive gave it up for its original lady on the mic, Ladi6, when she returned for a rare performance in her hometown. High on the NZ alternative music charts this year and collaborating with the likes of Shapeshifter and OG, Ladi6 has certainly made a name for herself with her raw, husky and straightup fusion of powerful MCing and lyricism.

Urban Notion had the nouse to bring Ladi6 down, so Switch did the honours of warming things up with his intricately mixed oldskool junglist flavas and liquid funk. By the time Sticky Fingaz took control of the decks, Heaven had once again reached maximum capacity, with a line of peeps listening from below.

Blown away by the realisation that she was the main act, Ladi6 got straight down to bizzniss. Her words were hard hitting but feminine; in-your-face yet insightful. Although her set was short it was also very sweet, and the crowd reaction proved she definitely impressed. Sticky played a truly dope set, keeping the vibe flowing during Ladi's breaks with his mashup of hiphop and dancehall beats.

Rufio stepped up next, playing a mammoth 3hour set full of classics alongside fresh licks acquired during his brief sojourn overseas. Jet and MC GT's b2b freestyling session ensured the dancefloor was still full in the wee hours and secured their places as two of Christchurch's best young MCs, while Tristan smoothed things out with the melodic sounds of his sax. Yet another rollin' party from the UN crew, paying homage to Christchurch's vocal talent and distinctly positive vibes.