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The news on .. James Holden

I managed to track down Mr Holden for a chat. The original bedroom banger who first burst onto the scene in '99, aged only 19...

27 Sep 2003

Four years later he is about to embark on a tour of New Zealand for his latest release on Stomp/EQ - Balance 05.

(C) So James what was that really made you say "yea lets give this dance music thing a whirl?"

(J) I just always liked writing music, even when I was like 10 I'd mess around on the piano and I havent got bored of it yet..

(C) What current residences are you banging the tunes out at?

(J) Just the one, at an amazing night in dublin called 'melodica', one of the best nights in the world I think. The rest of the time I'm touring all over the place which is pretty cool too.

(C) Besides all things Pr0gressive are you into any other kinds of music and what kinda style of Set can we look forward to hearing you play down under?

(J)pr0g is the style I like the least I think, its weird the way categories are made as a whole I guess you'd say my set is progressive but its mostly made up of melodic techno, weird trance and musical house. I really don't like the 'straight-up' prog stuff one bit.

(C) Have you got anything special planned when you tour New Zealand like maybe trying your hand at Bungy Jumping or walking over the Sydney Harbour bridge? ( taking into account that your allowed some time off whilst down under)

(J) Bungy jumping! Not a chance! Im not sure yet, I've got a few people I want to meet up with will, have to see what happens.

(C) You toured New Zealand briefly last year with one special gig in Christchurch.. what are your thoughts on the New Zealand club scene.. can we dig it with the best in the UK?

(J) Haha of course, I had a great time in Christchurch last year all it takes is a few people who really properly love it to make a good scene happen and new zealand certainly has that.

(C) At Still a young age for a Dj/Producer you have quite a few releases, do you yet have a Favourite track?

(J) Not really sometimes I forget I've written things and hear them out or on cds and go 'this is really good, what is it?' and get a slap from my girlfriend...

(C) Besides the Balance release/tour is there anything else your focusing on any gossip or sneak peaks up something perhaps?

(J) I've been concentrating on getting my label border community going http://www.bordercommunity.com. We've got lots of exciting + different music lined up so it's keeping me amused.. Other than that I've just been in the studio doing bits and pieces, a new Holden & Thompson single and some weird tunes that I don't know where they'll come out..

(C) Are there any Dj/Producer you haven't worked with that you would really like to get into a studio with and why?

There's a few (one being luke chable) because I love his music and he's a loon, but luckily we're going to work together while im in australia should be fun.

(C) and finally what software are you using to Produce these Wicked tracks and do ya have any tips for the like minded ones trying to break into the big time?

(J)I still use buzz (free from buzzmachines.com) with a bit of cubase for edits and mixdowns , but it doesn't really matter , buzz, audiomulch, cubase, logic, sonar, pro tools, there's a million things for people to try to find the one that suits them.

The main thing is to keep going, it takes a long time to learn to write great melodies and harmonies, and to develop your own sound. I think the way the scene's going there's no space for generic stuff any more, I'm certainly not interested in it, so the best advice I can think of is to be individual and unique.

There we have it James Holden Touring NZ/AuS Oct03 be sure to check the events section for dates and gigs, Thanks to Anthony at Global and Gemma at border for hooking me up and James for letting us know whats he up to.

Now if you want to win one of His new Balance release you'll have to email with the answer to this Question.

When James Last toured New Zealand in what city did he play?
email skywalker_nz@hotmail.com with "obscure comp" in the subject title.