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Interview with Dj Cuz

Interview with Queenstown Housemonger, DJ Cuz!

7 Oct 2002

Dj Cuz, the Man that hails from Hastings has been playing some storming sets lately playing at the likes of Debajo and Surrreal.

Is he not one of the best house dj's? Cutting tracks to bits and doing some of thee tightest mixing and scratching around.

I had yarn to with him to see what he is into and up down here In Queenstown...

C: So how long have you been Djing now Cuz?

Dj.C: Around 5 years now

C: What is your favorite radio station and show ?

Dj.C: The Studio 96.8fm Queenstown of course.

C: Who is your Favorite Dj Producer ?

Dj.C: Derek May and Roger Sanchez

C: Who is your Favorite Local Dj?

Dj.C: Gareth Goodburn local Qt Legend

C: Favourite tune of the moment?

Dj.C Dajae , Everyday of My life , Defected

C: What do you get most out of about being a DJ?

Dj.C: The nice people you get to meet and also not working in a window less building all week.

C: Any advice for the dj's of New Zealand?

Dj.C: Make it your life all you do is mix, love it more the next DJ.

More than anyone and you'll be the mean mixing machine.

Do it all day all night hours on end and lock yourself in your room with Decks, records and dirty magazines for a year and f**k your neighbours off, but keep your mother happy because she is the one who cooks you dinner every night.

Oh and Music... You can't see it yet it is so beautiful

Well there ya have a wee insight to what Cuz is up to and is thinking about right now

Catch him every friday from 4pm on the studio 96.8fm Queenstown !

HOUSE music all night long!