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InFusion, Liiiiiive

Well they came, they played, they kicked arse, they were InFusion, they were live and from 'Aussie'.....

5 Jun 2003

Well Friday night was finally upon us.. we trundled on down to #5 high street.. to this much talked about live act InFusion.. low and behold they where coming as we were.. there was a short few hello's and a quick move to head straight towards the bar.

Cube was decked out in all green.. for some reason it was like a jungle lots of plants and it was like walking down into this hidden temple.

Mr. Churchill started proceedings with some Funky house slowly moving on into some dirty pr0g and breakbeat.. the crowd was building 'the stage was set.

Everybody gasped when the boys hit the dex' n' effects. Made up of a three man group Jamie, Manual and Frank ripped it up right from the word go.

Jumping around getting the crowd going it was all very fast paced and lots of action.

I got close enough to spy how things worked.. lots of button pushing and computer screens and keyboards. Manual also chipped in on the vocals when their track "Legacy" was played. This brought on a huge roar from the crowd.

The night was a huge journey with their last track being a remix of Great Southern Man, will this be release well I put it to the boys and they really weren't that sure ... PUT IT OUT .. IT ROCKED.

Mark Emerson took us all home with another one of his wicked dirty Pr0gressive sets that he is well know for.

They Infusion boys themselves where totally blown away by the crowd, the huge smiles all round were a good indication of a top night had by all..

YEAHHHHOOOO for live acts