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Thru the Eye of Obscure

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In Search of Sunshine

A trip was to be taken, the final destination .. somewhere with sun of course!

27 Sep 2003

Sundays well usually a day of rest or a nice sleep, but not this sunday pack up the togs, towel, rugby ball and a lunch basket, c'mon it was off to the East Coast.

Headfones, cds, sunnies, backseat position and away we went. Down the Thames straights a wait at the one way signal brigde up through the Kopu Hikau to Whangamata.

Trips like this let you slip away in the music, enjoying the views of native trees steaming from the early morning down pours, sharp turns on the corners, the odd disstressed tourist in the ditch and the trickling hidden waterfalls.

Over the Hill and round the corner, there it was none other than my favorite beach.

White sand cool waters hardly anyone there. Perfect The whole beach almost to ourselves, bit to cold for a dip so we stick to a friendly game of touch rugby.

Mind those sand dunes trying to grow there, dont want a slap on the hand from the local policeman checking the scenes from the watch tower.

The Sun what we had been searching was up and very bright, so nice to feel its warmth for once (winter does suck!), guys pointing out directions "man if we had a dance party here, id have it there", "na dude over there by the trees look that hill, a natural stage" "cut left, hurry man put up the bomb, TRRRYYYYYYYY!"

Lunch in the sand is the normal, sausage 'n' bread, onions, sauce, good on ya mate and few quite ones followed by good yarn.

As always the drive home is the part you dont want to arrive, leave the beach as it was, pack up the rubbish, all gear in the boot, head count.. sweet we off.

Night appears and the sky gets dark, very dark cause there are no big city lights.
Headfones on Pr0ggy beats cranking , blanket pulled over, back seat postion, home again.

Surf, Sand, Food, Music, Friends, Fun... its always good to get away from the "big smoke" and really see what New Zealand has to offer.