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Rockwood AKA Rockwood

'Trippers Guide To House' came about after a near death experience.

20 Nov 2002

'Trippers Guide To House' came about after a near death experience. It was a cold wet winters day, and I was in my car at a train crossing when a truck drove into me, shunting me on to the tracks. Then the train hit the car, totally writing it off, and I was in hospital for the next 3 months.

While receiving therapy for my injuries, they discovered I was a musician, and my therapist suggested that I do an album with train sounds in it, that maybe this would help me through the ordeal, let it out creatively and all that....

A few months later I went back for a check up, and the nurse asked 'How are you, Oliver Dobson?'

'Well, I'm not Oliver Dobson' I replied.

'Oh shit' she said.

It was found during the course of this check up that they had been giving me the wrong medication for the last two months. I guess that explains the music.

So there you have it.

The Trippers Guide To House.

So who am I?

I'm Rockwood AKA Rockwood, no bullshit. Don'task me where I'm going, just enjoy the journey.......



Rockwood 'Trippers Guide To House' (PINACD01) released 25th November 2002


Distributed by Rhythm Method Distribution
Ph. (09) 534-2224