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News on the new 'Alpine'

Alpine (ex Alpine Unity) NYE festival go ahead 100% certain

2 Dec 2003

'Alpine' the 3-day New Years Festival with its 150 + acts and performers over 6 zones, set in the beautiful surroundings of Flock Hill Station near Christchurch, is rescued and back on course as New Zealand's prime NYE destination.

Huge national support, quick action, and sheer passion assures 'ALPINE' continues on its original track to being the biggest and most comprehensive event in New Zealand this New Years Eve. "We clearly see the original estimates of up to 7000 people in attendance of this years event not changing. You might say its business as before but with added improvements to facilities and production levels from previous years and closer attention to making 'ALPINE' a family event....." "...tickets are still selling, the updated Marketing will be out next week, almost all of the acts are secured and the production teams are assembled

NZ Entertainment Services Limited event coordinator Paul Moss, the new head of the 3 year old festival has been meeting with authorities, national and local companies involved with the festival, contributors, acts, and other key people since last Saturday. Event coordinators, sponsors and businesses involved in the event, as well as industry associates have already given their support for the continuation of the event under its new structure.

The decision to form the 'Alpine Unity rescue package' was to ensure that the effort time and energy put into the festival by Christchurch people & companies as well as many others from throughout the country for over three years, does not go to a dreadful waste and indeed exceeds many original expectations.

All of the 1200+ previously sold 'Alpine Unity' tickets will be honoured at the newly named 'ALPINE' NYE Festival.

"The positive energy created by this unified effort to 'let the show go on' is unbelievable! This unique festival is set to absolutely "Go Off!" moving on positively and successfully this year and onward. The festival will now be run very honestly, professionally, and respectfully.

With regard to Pacific Island Entertainment (ex Alpine Unity) and its directors; NZES was approached at the beginning of this year by David Brennan and Tael Smolski to tender for the production contract. This included provision of the sound, lighting, and power requirements.

Neither myself, nor anyone else involved with NZES has had anything to do with the alleged highly illegal activities of the few people involved in this outright stupidity.